March 7, 2012

Meet the team

It's now several weeks since we launched the Hex Central site, so we thought this would be a good moment to introduce ourselves.

We're a small group of software developers and website designers in the USA and UK. Although we've all been working in our various niches for many years, we find that we're still learning new things about the tools and technologies that we use in our work. Our aim with Hex Central is simply to share that knowledge with you.

Mike Lewis is the site's co-coordinator. He edits all the articles, and acts as a general liaison point between the various contributors. Mike specializes in SQL Server, Visual FoxPro and Crystal Reports, although he claims at least a passing knowledge of several other programming languages and tools.

Lynn Evans is our SQL expert. She has extensive experience with SQL Server, and is also up to speed with other databases, including MySQL.

Dan Macleod is a long-serving Visual FoxPro developer. He also has expertise in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

Donald Ritchie's main fields are interactive mapping and geographic information systems (GIS). He has a background in marketing, and has developed a number of large commercial websites.

We also hope to publish articles from guest contributors. If you have some special technical knowledge that you'd like to share, please get in touch. And get in touch too if you have any comments or questions about anything you find on Hex Central. We'd love to hear from you.

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