March 26, 2012

Finding the top-paying keywords in Google AdSense

By Donald Ritchie

One way that AdSense publishers can increase their earnings is to target the keywords that pay the highest rates per click. There will always be advertisers willing to pay above-average rates. If you can find those advertisers - and attract them to your site - your monthly AdSense check is almost certain to go up.

Right now, most advertisers pay somewhere between a few cents and about 50 cents for each click. But a substantial number are paying more than a dollar, and some are even paying $5 or more.

Now, I don't have any inside information on this. But it seems likely that the highest-paying ads are for high-value (and highly competitive) products. Financial services, consumer electronics and foreign travel are some that come to mind. There are no doubt many others. What are they? Your guess is as good as mine.

What you need is a reliable way of identifying the top-paying sectors and the keywords they are targeting. If you could do that, you could focus your content on those areas, and so attract the most valuable ads to your site.

Top keywords

One company that claims to help you do just that is TopPayingKeywords.Com. They have a single product that's easy to understand but also potentially highly profitable. It is simply a list of the keywords that are currently paying at least $1 per click. The company says that there are over 400,000 of them - including more than 20,000 currently worth over $5 per click.

You can buy the list for a one-off payment of $199. Of course, these keywords are a moving target, so the company also issues quarterly updates, which you can purchase for $50 a time. You don't have to commit yourself to a subscription, and the product comes with a money-back guarantee.

Putting it to work

Once you've purchased the list, how do you put it work? It will be most profitable in the hands of publishers who are planning to start a new site, and who need to decide what areas to target. That won't necessarily be easy. The trick will be to find keywords that pay well, but which haven't already been targeted by tens of thousand of other bloggers and webmasters. Of course, you would also need to choose topics for which you're capable of developing useful and original content.

The list can also be valuable for publishers of existing sites. TopPayingKeywords.Com gives an example of a site that helps parents choose baby names. Ads on such sites will typically yield about five cents. But new parents might also be potential customers for life insurance, which is currently paying around $6. Adding an article about life insurance for parents could help you tap that higher revenue.

Worth the cost?

Is the list worth the cost? For small-time AdSense publishers, it's almost certainly not. It will be a big investment, and one that will probably never pay off.

But it’s a different story for established publishers - those whose monthly checks are always well above the payment threshold, for example. It could be especially valuable for successful AdSense publishers who are looking to start new sites. If you are in that category, the potential increase in your CPC rate could well justify the cost.

But keep in mind that the TopPayingKeywords.Com product is only a starting point. You will need to study the list carefully to select the keywords to focus on. And you will then need to put effort into developing content to target those keywords and attract visitors to your site. Clearly, you're not going to see a sudden leap in earnings. But, used properly, the product could be a big help in taking you along that path.

Note: All amounts in this article are in US dollars.

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