June 25, 2012

Back up and restore your Blogger template

By Donald Ritchie

If you run a Blogger blog, you'll know that it's easy to customize your template in various useful ways. Unfortunately, it's also easy to make a mess of the job. In the worst case, you could muck up the template to such an extent that the blog becomes completely inaccessible (this is especially true if you edit the underlying HTML).

The best way to guard against such disasters is to make a backup of your template before you start customizing it. This is an easy thing to do. Just follow these steps.

June 1, 2012

Privacy and sharing settings in Google Maps : A clarification

By Donald Ritchie

In my article, Getting started with My Places in Google Maps, the description of the privacy and sharing options was a little misleading.

These options appear in the left-hand panel while you are editing the map. They allow you to make your map either "public" or "unlisted". I said (correctly) that the options don't affect how you share the map. Regardless of the setting, anyone who knows the map's URL will be able to see it.

I also said that choosing "public" allows the map to appear in Google's search results. That's not quite right